Monday, April 28, 2008

To Mandi or not to Kisah Suren.

Suren, from what I remember long time ago this death metal, heavy metal, scrap metal fellow who came all the way from NegRI to study in the land of style and opportunity Selangor was introduced to me in the mid of 1990 by a friend of mine who call himself Sara who fell in love with a Pest control girl but that's all together different story lets comeback to Suren now.

Sara use to drive a Nissan Giggy Giggy Van, I call it the Giggy Giggy van because there were more tweeters in the van than any other speakers, mid range and bass all, I think exhaust pipe did the job and also it’s a no smoking Van but some goons like Alvin and Cicak will smoke without Sara’s knowing la I yoh I tell you funny ass shit man. The theme song at that time was “come out and play” by offspring. I would call it the Zaman Kegemilangan Informatics.

The Encounter

One day Sara picked me up from Knowledge computer, where I use to work, on that day there was a weirdly dressed guy sitting in the front seat of the Giggy Giggy Van. Sara introduced me to him saying “hey this is Nesan’s cousin say hello” Nesan was a friend’s friend. We were going somewhere on that day. I think Suren to the bus stand, I hmmm don’t know la where I was heading can’t remember, but what I remembered Sara stopped at the Kedai Kasut Karim and went down to get something. This weirdly dressed boy played the offspring song come out and play. He cranked up the volume pretty loud and that fellow start to sing and play the air drum la. This was the first time meeting him and he was playing the air drum just imagine how terrified I was. What do you think my first impression was? So I also decided to sing along not to offend that fellow. This weirdly dressed boy was amazed looked at me wearing office wear and all, can do the offspring stunt. So he asked “you also know offspring ah, you don’t look like offspring type”. What the F@(k that suppose to mean la.

To be continued……. On the next episode we will cover Suren’s life threatening love life and the tak mandi story.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Making A Comeback!!!

2hands 1Foot has been away for sometime now....i'll be back soon!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


During the Labour day & Wesak holidays, raspal, myself & my collegues decided to visit Chamang waterfalls in Bentong, Pahang. We found out about this place through one of our CEO that wrote about it on our company’s Intranet.

Its really a beautiful place to go and relax but if you go during the weekend it will be crowded with picnic goers & irritating Mat Rempits. The journey will take you through Bentong town. Just as you reach the end of the town there’s an exit on the left that will pass thourgh a kampung area. The road up is very narrow and winding. The trip will take you bout 30 mins from Genting Sempah. The pictures doesn’t really show how incredible this waterfall is, you just have to be there & see it for yourself. The water that flows through the stream is very strong. One should be extremely careful when in the water or you will be swept away. Should always keep to the edge to the stream. Its quite a dangerous waterfall, there has been a number of deaths reported. But if you are carefull and not try to be a hero, you should be ok.

The pictures below were taken in Janda Baik's conifer forest. I really love this place, all that greenry *aaahh*, just need some snow & its PERFECT!

Meet LIZZY my new found friend

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


“Forgive me Appus for I have not blogged”. Been quite busy with work and recently joined a gym, so that kind took up most of my free time.

I’m back with another “adventure”. This time it’s Labuan. It was not a holiday trip, it was work related. I was there to link up my project site office to my HQ in Shah Alam. The site is Sumatec’s RM36 Million Megamethanol project. This project is actually is an extension to the existing plant. According to the Project Manager, once completed, it will be the largest Megamethanol plant in the world! Damn, if anything happens to that plant, Labuan will cease to exist on this planet (touch wood).

I’m not going to write about my whole “adventure”, but kind of to give you a brief insight of Labuan . So here we go.

Labuan Island

LABUAN :- The only thing I knew about it is that it’s Federal Territory and near Sabah. After years of living in this country, I honestly didn’t know Labuan was an island!! *sigh* it’s a small island. If you drive, you can cover the whole island, I think, in 1 hour. Very layback town. Occupied mostly by expats.

The road in front of the hotel. That's the Labuan Council building.

Mariner Hotel: Where I Stayed

DAYLIGHT :- There’s no time difference between West & East Malaysia but the sun rises much earlier. I’m not really sure of the time but by the time I woke up (6:30am) it’s as bright as 8:30am over here. Work in Labuan(site) starts at 7:00am & finishes at 6:00pm. By 6:30pm it’s already dark. On both the nights when I was having dinner, I looked at my watch & realized it was not even 7:00pm! but it sure felt much later than that. Have not gotten used to the dusk & dawn thing over there.

HIGH RISE :- A brown Apartment, a silver office building with a 3 story shopping centre called Financial Park and ….THAT’S IT! If you’re lost, just head towards this two buildings. Another interesting landmark is the mosque with a unique design.

7:30am : The only high rise building you can see in Labuan

The An’Nur Jamek Mosque : Looks like a spaceship

THE TOWN:- IT’S SMALL!!! On the 2nd night, after walking about the shopping centre with Jo for 1 hr or so, I went back to the hotel & it was only 8:40pm. I was bored, so I decided to go on an “adventure walk” around town. Only a few shops were opened, Pubs and food stalls. I didn’t know where I was heading - I just walked, wherever there was a road, I walked. It felt like it was 1 a.m. cause the town felt “dead” and it was just 9:00pm. There were so few cars on the road. I practically covered Labuan town on foot in 1hr! Yup that’s how small the town is. Back at the hotel at 10pm.

8:30pm: It's very quite

CRIME :- Based on my “sources” there’s no such thing as snatch theft there. There better not be cause…really WHERE can you hide after the getaway??? So it’s safe to move around. Pedestrians “own” the road so we have to look out for them when we drive instead of the other way round.

FOOD:- I had seafood at a golf resort (not bad), Indian food at Krishna Curry House (very nice) & Indian Muslin restaurant, can’t remember the name that served a variety of Indian cuisine and I was told it is the ONLY place in Labuan you can get Roti Canai!! Poor Labuanese !

VERDICT:- Great place to work for 3 days and alcohol consumers "*ahem* ok no names" & it's cheap.

Sunset at 30,000 feet is breathtaking

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"We've Got Our Trophy Back !"

Number 9!!! Woohoo...number 10 coming soon :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Does Look Matter ???

To many ppl, when asked "does looks matter to you?" many will say "Nah... it doesn't matter" or " You are being shallow" or "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or " Dont judge a book by its cover"...yeah yeah words can say many things but if looks dont matter, then basically you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between someone who is hot and someone who is unattractive (im not gonna use the word Ugly as it seems to be very offensive for some people.... believe me.. I have been hit real hard for using it)...But honestly how many of you dare to stand up and say that "Yes.. looks does matter." Well I just did.. and to be honest, yes it does matter. Im not saying that it is the most crucial thing when looking for a partner, but how can one possibly love someone they are not physically attracted to?

"ohh no no.. i really love her.. but i just cant make love to her you see... im just not attracted to her in that way" ...

ohh pleasee.... enough.

Well I recently had sort of a date which turned out real ugly (ugly as in the situation !!!)What happened you ask?? Well one fine day I decided to reinstall MIRC (its been ages since I went chatting on it) and there was this girl who I was chatting with... well she seem a little interesting... ofcourse as honest as I always am... I gave out details bout myself and what not... However, I did not get the same feedback from the other party.

Anyway after several weeks, the excitement builds up that you wanna meet this person to attach a real face to this virtual world. So generally it starts by the description of the person.. I generally did not have to describe myself as she had already checked me out on friendster.. obviously I tried the same but due to the fact that every detail she told me was a lie.... I could not find anything.

Im sure many of you have chatted online and you would have always imagine the person to be all beautiful and you know attractive n all.. (god knows why we give ourselves too much of hope).. Moreover when the person says she is cute and people around her thinks the same and lots of people are trying to go out with her and the whole works as if she is the winner of Miss World. Anyway i realized that I was being lied to bout her name, place of work, where she stays and everything.. god knows why.. like I am gonna stalk her or something... anyway, due to the nature of my work, I manage to find out everything bout her including some pictures taken in her office.

Ok, lets get back to the description; (in her own words) she is tall, medium in colour, slim (based on her BMI which I was told.. LOL), cute, nice eyes, straight hair and all.... and i think to myself "wow... this is even more interesting..."

You see, when I say looks is important, I mean someone who is atleast pleasant looking..I am not asking for gorgeous supermodels..(well you would know based on my collection of ex-gfs).... Im sure you wouldn't wanna wake up next to something that makes you go like "ohh damn..." right??

Back to my story... as weeks go by, I actually sent her a picture of some people working in her office to find out if she is anywhere in the picture. The picture consist of some very unattractive people in it.. and she claims she is not in the picture. We set a date on when to meet (after much delay and excuses that is). As the date came closer, she told me that she actually put on some weight.. (well I was thinking.. some weight wouldn't make you from normal to obese right?) and also told that she might have given me the wrong impression to me bout her...So I was like. "ohh no... is she backing out?? may be she is feeling bad bout lying n all that"

Anyways, the day finally came. I was waiting to see someone that would look like the description given. We had not decided where to go yet... and just as I was waiting for her in the car at the condo, my friend called me up and invited me to party at Bangsar.. so I told him.. will be there as this is over.And the moment there was a high curb on the side of the road, I can only see a pair of legs in pink pants next to the car. And to my horror, it was the total opposite of what I have been briefed on. "Ohh dear.. what is this" I thought to myself.... I was speechless. As I tried hard to swallow my saliva, lots of things rushed in my mind.. namely:

1. Is this the right person??
2. What should I do..??
3. Should I run away
4. Should I make an excuse and vanish...

What would one do ??? She was big in size, short, hunched back, very dark and the list goes on in opposite of what she has told me.... and you know what... she is the same person in the picture which she denied!!!...and I think to myself.. "how can someone lie bout themself up to this extend??" I felt soo disgusted, cheated and betrayed. You know all the excitment just died out...
What did I do next? I called for backup ERT ( Emergency Responce Team) to bail me out of the situation. Well at that time, it seem like the best thing to do as I could not think straight....I could not take another minute driving this person who had lied to me about everything and expect me to have dinner with her?? no way..!! anyway I dropped her off ( after the lie and she knew I made up that emergency situation and has the guts to confront me bout it... damn....and went straight to see my friends and obviously bitched about it.....

And the responce I got :
1. Some felt pity that I was lied to..
2. Come laughed and thought it was a real crazy joke
3. Some shouted at me for calling the ERT saying it was cruel to do such things. They said I am shallow and all that.

But to think of it, do you think what I did was really wrong? I mean I was completely honest with everything.. The things is,I was not prepared to see something soo different from the description. Bottom line is, just be god damn honest and none of this would have happened. And I know personality is more important than looks and all.. but you need to also like what you see right???
Well.. i guess people on IRC are not as honest as they use to be 10 years ago... it was soo much more simpler before...hhmm.....